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SyncTech Solutions
SyncTech Solutions is one of the Malaysia’s IT services provider formed in year 2005. SyncTech Solutions offers a full suite of solutions and services with key business areas of Wired & Wireless Networking, CCTV Security System, Broadbands, PC,
Laptop/Notebook, Server, Hardware/Software Servicing, Newsletter Advertising, Thin Client & Desktop Management, Software & Web Development and Multimedia.

A message from CEO “Customer’s success is the best testimony to reveal the quality of our work.”

SyncTech Solutions has been providing quality-assured, cost-effective IT solutions and services to small businesses and homes. As a fast growing company, Synctech Solutions is committed to providing the customers a comprehensive range of quality solutions and services. At SyncTech Solutions, we have the expertise to create a complete solution for you from front-end consulting and planning, to integrating and even managing your technology solutions. Our solutions depend on understanding the needs of the customer. We listen to customers and work with them to find the answers that fit their requirements. We deliver their solutions on time and in budget. We provide talented, experienced staff to get the job done.
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